Legoland Windsor Resort have recently announced a range of improvements to one of the most popular and original areas of the theme park – Lego City – ready for the start of the 2015 season on 13th March.

Amongst the improvements will be a re-vamped Lego City Driving School including a new bright and colourful training area, additional child-size fiat cars, and a new lane being added to the test course increasing the capacity of the attraction so more drivers than ever before can obtain their first driving licence.

Boating School will also receive a brand new look, with new Lego models, and some surprise animations and audio effects alongside more boats around a course which will take guests around the Legoland Coast Guard HQ.

As previously reported on our Facebook page, from early summer Lego Friends will be joining the Resort allowing guests to step into Heartlake City – home to some of the most popular Lego characters, Mia, Andrea, Stephanie, Emma and Olivia – and will feature character meet and greets, a live action music show, and a selection of new attractions.

It’s not just the theme park which will be seeing improvements for the new season. Over at the Legoland Resort Hotel ten premium themed rooms will be opening for March 2015. Themed around the popular Lego Friends and Heartlake City (to complement the new area joining the theme park in early summer), the new rooms will be decorated with bright graphics and Lego models featuring some of the friends’ favourite pets, Lego pony rosettes, flowers and butterflies. Young guests will be able to solve the clues hidden in the carpet to discover a Friends Lego surprise hidden in the Lego safe.

What are your thoughts about these latest additions and improvements to the Legoland Windsor Resort? Why not discuss what you think over on the Attraction Source Forum. We’ll continue to bring you the latest developments as we get ever closer to the start of the 2015 season.
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