Runnymede Borough Council have given the green light to Thorpe Park Resort’s proposed new first of its kind ‘indoor fully themed’ attraction for 2016.

Set to be located on the site of the former arena, adjacent to X and Nemesis Inferno, the new attraction will consist of a fully themed building to house the attraction, and external themed plaza and entrance features, covered queue lines, pre-show, retail outlet, back of house and service areas.

As is usual with any plans submitted by Thorpe Park Resort, permission has been granted subject to a number of conditions imposed by the Council. The most interesting of these is the inclusion of restrictions on the operating hours of the new attraction:

“The use of the ride and building hereby permitted by the general public shall be limited to the following hours:
i) During school holidays: 09.00 to 23.00 Monday to Saturday, and 09.00 to
22.00 hours on Sundays;
ii) 09.00 to 22.00 hours on all other days.
iii) On not more than ten days of each calendar year, the use may be extended up to midnight on each of the
10 permitted days.”

As it stands, these restrictions would not impact on Thorpe’s current operating hours, but potentially could affect any possible future plans to operate the park’s attractions for longer hours. Further detailed plans will also be required to be submitted for the plaza feature which is due to become a featured theming element. The conditions also stipulate that the floor space of the proposed new attraction be deducted from the space set aside in the Medium Term Development Plan (2010 – 2016) leaving just 908sqm for future developments under the plan (excluding rollercoasters). The majority of the other conditions are designed to prevent flooding and any contamination of the water supply through the use of appropriate building materials and stringent checks during the construction process, and consideration of a number of environmental factors including a detailed landscaping plan.

Some of the consultation responses submitted have also provided some further small clues to the overall structure and appearance of the attraction. The plans submitted already indicate the outside of the building will have a run-down, warehouse style theme. In addition to this the planning officer’s report reveals that the exterior of the building will have “two storey appearance and height”. It has also been revealed that the proposed pit underneath the building will “house one of the features of the attraction”, however it is currently unknown what exactly the nature of this feature will be.

Are you looking forward to Thorpe Park Resort’s new attraction for 2016? Have your say over on the Attraction Source Forum. We’ll be bring you full construction coverage from start to finish so be sure to keep checking back for regular updates.
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