Saw – The Ride at Thorpe Park officially opened to guests on Friday 13th March at an Annual Pass Preview event.

The preview went without a hitch, with all passholders able to get many rides in. The attraction is being praised for the immersive queue line and station experience, as well as the surprisingly scary enclosed ride section, leading to the compact, intense and thrilling layout.

On Saturday, the ride failed to run for more than an hour until it closed. The issue appears to be with the control and block system, with the park’s engineering team and manufacturer Gerstlauer on the case.

Elsewhere in the park, ride availability has been patchy so far, with Stealth, Slammer, Logger’s Leap and Rumba Rapids all not ready on time. Various breakdowns meant long queues on the operational rides. If you are planning to visit, make sure you check the official Thorpe Park website for the latest ride availability updates.

Construction work has started on the patio area in Lost City – it’s not known at present what this could be for, if anything other than general maintenance.
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