All eyes were once again on Thorpe Park for their February Half Term Thrill Chill, to see if they could improve on the challenges experienced during the events held over the previous two years.

A handful of rides opened with the park at 10:00, with Rush and Colossus remaining closed all day despite being advertised as part of the limited ride line-up. Large queues built up at the rides which were open, but dispersed within a few hours. Nemesis Inferno has been cleaned up over the winter and features refurbished wheel covers which look great. New lockers are in the process of being installed opposite the volcano.

Colossus began testing in the afternoon when the weather warmed up, opened for a short period, but then shut down again due to a technical fault. Further work has been carried out to the track connections, following the incident last year.

Saw – The Ride is looking impressive, with the attraction now in the final month of construction progress. The coaster was testing throughout the day which is helping build the hype ahead of opening in March.

Stealth is not included in this year’s Thrill Chill line-up as it’s having major work carried out on the launch system.

2008 may have been the last year for Miss Hippo’s Fungle Safari, as no winter maintenance has been carried out on it. Samurai and Slammer are undergoing extensive winter maintenance and will open for the main season.

X:\ No Way Out is in the process of having its entrance refurbished, which is part of a number of improvements being carried out. The queue line has been repainted, along with some of the lighting being replaced.

Tidal Wave is also receiving a refurbishment in areas, with the Original Source sponsorship signage being removed. Hopefully this will include the repainting of the mint green branding, as this has never been sympathetic to the rest of the Amity Cove colour scheme.

The theme park in general looks a lot better than this time last year, with a lot of painting and refurbishment taking place that will continue for the next month or so.
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