New ride for 2007 at Thorpe Park is Flying Fish, making a splash once again.

The petite family attraction we have all missed is returning in a new location next to Depth Charge. Sporting a new colour scheme of light blue track, navy supports, and a vibrant orange train, the ride will have a new appearance compared to before.

The ride structure is complete, with the queue line, photo building and entry plaza currently under construction. It is unclear at this stage if the fountain is returning, but we know there will be two ponds either end of the ride area. The attraction will include both single rider and Fastrack queue lines.

In other news, Rumba Rapids boats are waiting patiently for the new season, and we learn that Ribena will no longer be sponsoring the ride.

Slammer is undergoing intensive maintenance with the whole top of the ride structure temporarily removed. Also in Canada Creek, we have noticed that almost every tree has been tagged with a number; possible planning for the future attractions, or just record keeping for conservation purposes?

Lastly, we can now see that another part of the lake by Samurai in the Lost City is being infilled. This follows the Medium Term Development Plan, expected to be the station area of a new coaster.
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