Fright Nights is back for 2004 at Thorpe Park and is certainly pulling in the crowds. The park reached maximum capacity almost every day in the last week, which shows the increasing popularity of the event.

This season, mazes opened at 4pm each day which has caused some long queues. Despite the frustrating wait times, the standard of the mazes is the best yet, with a great atmosphere and consistent scares.

New for 2004 is Carnival of the Bizarre; a live circus type show which was fantastic, and a much improved use of the Pirates 4D theatre than Ultimate Horror Movie Bites was last year.

The park is open late for dark rides on all your favourite attractions, with improved lighting throughout.

The security issue from last year’s event has been rectified by more security staff present along with hired police. A few incidents have broken out, but nothing on the scale of the issues last season. Big thumbs up there.

It has now been confirmed by Thorpe Park staff on the Attraction Source Forum that Project Stealth, the Intamin Rocket Coaster for 2006 has been confirmed and ordered.

The layout will be a smaller (62.5m) version of Kingda Ka, without the 270ft vertical spiral, but with the airtime hill before the brakes. Expect full construction coverage of the ride as it commences.

On this note, we have had to say goodbye to the Flying Fish, as it will shortly be removed to make way for Project Stealth. It is not known at this stage if the ride will be scrapped or relocated elsewhere within the theme park.
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