Following hot on the heels of Colossus, which was still in its final stages of construction, it was confirmed in late 2001 that Thorpe Park would install another major rollercoaster. Project Calypso, eventually announced as Nemesis Inferno, would be a B&M Inverted coaster, taking on a tropical theme, with a volcano-themed station the ride’s centrepiece.

Main Application

The full application for Nemesis Inferno was submitted in April 2001. Although the ride layout was reflective of what would ultimately be built, these plans did not detail the extensive volcano theming that would encompass the station building, and so the queue-line entering and exiting from the building followed an alternative route.


In July 2002, plans specifically detailing the volcano theming on the station were submitted. These also reflected the final route of the queue-line, and also the path guests would follow upon exiting the ride, running parallel to Monks Walk.