It took a number of years for LEGOLAND’s plans to install a new Haunted House attraction to come to fruition. The original application was submitted in 2014, but these plans had to be shelved following a lengthy appeals process. New plans emerged in 2018, which were realised when Haunted House Monster Party opened for the 2019 season.

Original Application

It was in May 2014 that the original planning application for a Haunted House attraction was submitted by the Resort. This incarnation of the attraction would have seen the building house two 10 metre drop towers. It was expected that the attraction would have been a clone of the ‘Ghost: The Haunted House’ experience that opened at LEGOLAND Billund earlier in 2014 – the building exterior looked identical based on the plans submitted. Read our full article here.

Revised Plans

In March 2018, new plans were submitted to replace those from May 2014. Although the original plans were approved in November 2015 following a lengthy appeals process, due to the initial refusal and the time the appeals process took, the Resort missed the funding cycle the attraction was intended to be part of. The attraction was still proposed to be located on the same site, as had been outlined in the long term development plan submitted in 2017, however the plans showed it would now be a ‘madhouse’ type ride. Changes were therefore made to the structure of the building to accommodate this, as well as alterations to the theming and layout of the queue line. Read our full article here.