Take a look behind the scenes of SAW: The Ride, a thrilling coaster experience where guests encounter some of Jigsaw’s most twisted traps. These photos were taken as part of an Attraction Source Event at Thorpe Park during the 2022 season. A similar VIP package is usually put on sale separately by the park at certain times of the year – see their website for further details.

Ride Station

Here is a look within the SAW: The Ride station with the lights on. This is arguably one of the best themed ride stations in the UK, with some amazing props featured in the on-load and off-load areas.

Ride Vehicles

The behind the scenes tour included access to the maintenance area below the ride station, providing an up close look at the ride vehicles for SAW: The Ride and their wheels. These are the classic Euro Fighter trains from Gerstlauer with over the shoulder restraints.

Indoor Ride Sections

SAW: The Ride is infamous for starting the ride experience with a themed dark ride section that includes sudden drops, near misses and an inversion. The theming in these areas is designed to make riders feel like they are escaping the traps which Jigsaw has set for them.

Maintenance Area

Most roller coasters feature their own dedicated maintenance areas and SAW: The Ride is no different. The attraction features a rotating transfer track at the bottom of the vertical lift hill in order to transfer trains into this area. Within the maintenance area there is all the equipment and materials required to maintain the trains. Often SAW: The Ride runs with 7 of the 8 trains, meaning that at least one train is usually off the track having work done to it at any given time.

Exterior Ride Area

Check out some of the outdoor areas of SAW: The Ride – most of this coaster’s layout is usually hidden in areas which are not directly visible to guests off-ride. It was great to be able to take a detailed look at these different areas including the midcourse brake run, airtime hill, turnaround and the dive loop. Some remains were also still visible from the Canada Creek Railway and Platform 15 which used to run within this area.