Ever wanted to know how the magic is created, or how things work? Direct from the Attraction Source archive, these photos show some of Chessington’s past and present attractions from areas not normally seen by the general public.

The Gruffalo River Ride Adventure

Exploring any dark ride with the lights on and sound off is a fascinating experience, and during an Attraction Source Event we got to do just that. From standing in the operator’s console to walking up the lift hill, the following photos show what unfolds the experience.


Various attractions undergoing annual maintenance, and views that you wouldn’t be able to experience as a day guest.

Tomb Blaster

Tomb Blaster’s controls are complex. A map of the ride is printed on the operator’s panel and a light will illuminate when a train is in the relevant block section. A vast amount of changes took place when Forbidden Tomb became Tomb Blaster. Abdab, the star of the original attraction, along with more of the original theming and props were kept in storage in the building. “How dare you steal the jewel, now you shall become a ghoul!”


Unique views of Chessington’s classic suspended coaster.

The Workshop

The engineering workshop is located at the front of the park. Over winter, all rides are stripped down, checked for safety and rebuilt ready for the next season. It’s common for ride vehicles to be brought in to the workshop away from the cold winter weather . Which rides do you recognise?