The Hot Ice Show has returned to the Pleasure Beach Arena with this year’s exciting instalment – Amore Amor Amour. Attraction Source was invited by Blackpool Pleasure Beach to see what this year’s incarnation of the long-running ice show had to offer!

Ice skating shows have been a part of Blackpool Pleasure Beach since 1937 when Claude Langdon’s show “Marina” was brought from Brighton to Blackpool’s newly opened Ice Drome. Designed by Joseph Emberton, the Ice Drome opened as the World’s first purpose-built ice theatre and replaced a roller-skating arena on the same site. Ice shows have run almost every year since then, with the show name becoming “The Hot Ice Show” in 1984. Ice shows were also performed in Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s sister park in Morecambe, with poster artwork from the shows being brought across when their ice theatre closed.

Did you know that: Hot Ice and other Stageworks ice shows have been performed around the world from South Carolina to the UAE. The show has also been performed at other theme parks including Europa Park, Efteling and Siam Park!

This year’s show, titled “Amore Amor Amour” continues the Hot Ice tradition of mixing athletic figure skating, acrobatics and theatrical storytelling with special effects such as pyrotechnics, mist, bubbles, snow, vertical smoke and water! The show also features a variety of music, including music by Glenn Robertson – composer of various soundtracks at Blackpool Pleasure Beach including Icon and The Big One. The routines within the show vary between intimate solo or doubles skating, to lively group performances that feature complex, synchronized routines. The skaters are all highly skilled and the show is a feast for the eyes with the elaborate costumes glittering and shimmering in the spectacular lighting.

The Blackpool Pleasure Beach Ice Arena can be found at the centre of the park and can be accessed from both inside the park and outside via Watson Road. Inside the arena, the best seats for the show are in the centre blocks. This will give you an excellent view of the intricate choreography and fast-paced skating. However, the side sections also provide a great view of the show. If you like a bit more legroom, the front row of the rear blocks is a perfect choice – as they allow for a great view whilst offering a bit more space in front.

Did you know that: By removing the lower section of seating, ice hockey could be played on a larger ice rink, and was home to the ice hockey team the “Blackpool Seagulls” from 1951 to 1993!

Hot Ice starts with a theatrical build-up, climaxing with a dramatic lighting and audio spectacle that announces the name of the show. This sets the scene for the following acts and prepares the audience for what’s in store as the skaters glide onto the ice ready for the show to start. The first half of the show features a number of new songs and routines that fit the Amore Amor Amour tagline. Compared with previous years, there feels like more new or re-worked routines this year, which is very exciting to see. Selected classics have returned too, such as a variation on the Swan Lake routine introduced in 2019’s Utopian. This routine features a rich array of complex skating routines as well as a segment where skaters descend The Arena’s “Illuminated Flying Staircase”. Built-in 1959 by Frank Wright (who also helped build the Wild Mouse rollercoaster the year before), this lit-up staircase lowers from the roof allowing the skaters to climb down onto the ice.

Fans of Valhalla will be sure to love this year’s Hot Ice Show, as new for this year is a routine inspired by the world-famous water ride! Featuring composer Glenn Robertson’s new music, the routine also includes costumes and visuals that reflect the new stylings of the ride. This routine also features fire effects that are akin to those found on the water ride itself. This isn’t the first time that Hot Ice has used music from rides at the Pleasure Beach, with both Skyforce and Icon’s soundtracks being used within the ice show after the rides had opened.

Did you know that: Valhalla’s old theme song (Song Of The Elders) was first used by the park in the finale section of Hot Ice Rhythmos in 2000? The soundtrack was then used in the ride afterwards.

The evening showing of Hot Ice is approximately 2 hours long, and features a short interval, allowing visitors time to grab some refreshments (including popcorn, ice cream and drinks) or pick up some of the new merchandise that’s available for this year’s show. The matinee version of the show is around 50 minutes and does not feature an interval.

Did you know that: If you go to the bar on the right-hand side of the arena, there are posters on the wall showing the artwork used to promote each year’s ice show. Great for looking back into the history of this long-running ice spectacular!

The second half of the show maintains the momentum of the first, with a mix of both new, returning and re-worked routines. Some of the highlights includes a spectacular segment involving an abundance of fire, including a line of fire going across the ice which the skaters then cross as part of the routine. This half of the show also contains a rendition of the ice skating classic, the Bolero – although this version contains the majority of the cast skating an intricate group number!

Amore Amor Amour features a cast of skaters from around the world, including fan favorite Denis Cheprasov who’s impressive solo skating wows and captivates the audience. Also returning is seasoned Hot Ice regular Alexey Kofanov, with his spectacular acrobatic performances on poles and silks as well as the ever-amazing straps act featuring a bath and lots of water! Continuing in recent Hot Ice tradition, the finale of Amore Amor Amour is the joyous “Heaven” routine, which always seems to get a great audience reaction – with some of the audience members even singing along! This lively end to the show sets an upbeat mood as the show comes to a close, and is definitely a core part of the Hot Ice experience.

Did you know that: “Heaven”, the finale song of Hot Ice used to be used in Blackpool Pleasure Beach’s TV adverts!

This year’s Hot Ice Show runs on Mondays to Saturdays from 6th July to 9th September, with matinee shows at 2:30pm and evening shows at 7pm. Tickets for the evening showing of Amore Amor Amour start at £18 for adults and £15 for children, with the matinee being reduced in price. Tickets for the Hot Ice Show can be purchased online, at the Pleasure Beach box office or at The Arena itself. Blackpool Pleasure Beach eTicket (and Season Pass) holders receive discounted tickets for both matinee and evening performances of Hot Ice.

Thank you to Blackpool Pleasure Beach for inviting us to attend the opening night of Hot Ice – Amore Amor Amour! Are you planning on watching this year’s show? Let us know via the Attraction Source social media channels.
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