April 12th was not only the first day that theme parks in the UK were permitted to open, it was also the launch of Tornado Springs, the highly anticipated new themed area at Paultons Park. Originally planned to open in 2020 and delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Attraction Source attended opening day for a first look at the eight new attractions and experiences.

Tornado Springs is set in a Midwest desert resort town in the American heyday of the 1950s. Featuring a level of immersive theming, landscaping, and atmosphere that is a step above the other themed areas in the park, the land was designed by Leisure Expert Group, and brought to life by MK Themed Attractions, with the latter also assisting in the creation of major theme park projects in Europe such as Rookburgh at Phantasialand, and Rulantica and Krønasår at Europa Park.

The flagship attraction in Tornado Springs is Storm Chaser, a Mack Rides family spinning coaster. Smooth and thrilling with some fantastic theming, it is the perfect addition to complement the other major attractions at Paultons Park. Operations of the ride were impressive, and no downtime was noted during our visit.