Today, we are excited to announce the launch of Attraction Source – Theme parks and attractions from another point of view! This new brand is an evolution of SouthParks and presents thrilling new opportunities for content from the UK and beyond.

2020 was a challenging year for content creation, and the theme park enthusiast community has been tested in ways we all thought were not possible. From park closures, cancelling of events, delayed new attractions and not being able to meet up with each other, it was a difficult season where you may have had a lot of time on your hands. We have made use of this time by working on this new project which we cannot wait to share with you.

Content creation continues to evolve, and it is important that any individual or community produces the content that enthusiasts want to see in 2021. With the increasing shift of traffic towards social media, traditional websites and discussion forums have become less of a priority. But it is these spaces that have formed communities like ours, so we believe it is important to find a balance.

The TowersTimes & SouthParks community consisted of two parts, although we have never really seen it like that. Whilst we have continued to see great success with the TowersTimes side of the website, both in terms of ease of content creation and the relevant engagement, SouthParks has been been more of a challenge to maintain. Because the website solely covered the southern UK Merlin parks, there was limited scope when it came to using our expertise and producing the high quality content you expect. For us as a team, we want to ensure the time spent on creating content is worthwhile and rewarding, so we decided that the best decision for the future of SouthParks was to branch out further afield.

The new Attraction Source website takes the strong foundation of the previous, retaining the vast amount of unique content, and will aim to steadily expand to be an all-encompassing resource for UK theme parks and beyond. Attraction Source will continue to cover new theme park projects such as Croc Drop at Chessington, Mythica at Legoland, and Tornado Springs at Paultons Park, so however 2021 turns out, you can rely on us to bring you the same, high quality content you should expect. The new homepage has been updated in a contemporary style, and really showcases what the new website has to offer.

Our YouTube channel has seen the largest increase in growth out of all the social media platforms, and this success will continue with the channel now featuring footage from attractions all over the world. We have invested in some incredible new equipment for 2021 which will be put to good use.

A new page on the website showcases a snapshot of media available, allowing readers to browse the channel and watch the videos all from one place. There’s nothing like experiencing a virtual ride ride during the closed season to bring back those fond memories, so please hit subscribe for fantastic regular content.


You may already be asking how the transition affects TowersTimes. And the answer is only in positive ways. We recognise how strong the TowersTimes brand has become over the years, and understand it has been the driving force behind the community, and that will not change.

The existing Twitter account has become dedicated to TowersTimes, and to complement that, we have set up a new Attraction Source Twitter – please do help us build the momentum by following the account here.

We have relaunched the forum with new software, and the team are keen to drive engagement in both the specific Alton Towers Resort and worldwide theme park categories. We hope the new wider appeal of the website will increase discussion and attract new members who were previously put off by us focusing on such a niche market. We want to maintain the community appeal of the forum rather than solely concentrating our resources on social media where content is quickly lost down a timeline. Join the discussion on the Attraction Source Forum today.


We have certainly missed hosting our unforgettable events over the last year and cannot wait to announce a new line-up of dates when it is safe to do so. Countless memories and close relationships have been formed since the first event in 2013, and Attraction Source Events will continue that trend in the future with exciting line-ups including behind the scenes tours, insightful talks, and exclusive private hire of your favourite attractions.

As our community members and readers, we are grateful for your continued loyalty and support, and we hope you are as excited for this new chapter as we are.

Chris, Adz, Rob, Lewis, Chris, Rachel and Zach.