FRIGHT NIGHTS 2020 is now underway at Thorpe Park Resort, and is this year host to a ‘FEARSTIVAL’ of attractions. With two scare mazes, five scare zones, roaming scarecrows, and a cinema experience, fear has crept into every dark corner of the Island. Attraction Source was invited to the preview event on Thursday 8th October to experience everything this year’s event has to offer.

Please note whilst we have tried to avoid giving full details, there may be some small spoilers

New for 2020 is Roots of Evil, a primarily outdoor scare maze that takes guests through a forsaken forest, encountering terrifying abominations. The maze begins with a briefing in the Jungle Escape building before guests are quickly directed on their mission by military-type personnel along the pathway most recently occupied by Blair Witch. The attraction makes good use of the darkness of its setting to make it difficult to anticipate scares and to build tension, with it not initially clear what is growling and moving amongst the undergrowth, although there were some sections that felt lacking in actors. We did feel the experience was an improvement on Blair Witch, helped by a stronger start to the maze.

Returning for a fifth year, PLATFORM 15 provides another opportunity to discover the unfortunate fate of the Sleeper Express. The direction of travel through the maze has, however, been reversed this year, with guests now entering the maze’s queue-line between Saw: The Ride and Samurai, which is routed through the tunnel which has previously formed the final section of the maze. As a result, there is an impressive new entrance facade at the start of the queue-line. The storyline broadly seems similar to last year, although some additional theming features have been installed along the route to help facilitate jump-scares from the actors. Another notable change is that the front carriage of what was formerly the Canada Creek Railway has been tipped on its side, however the fire effect still features in a new location. The maze has also received a new finale, which is perhaps the most surprising and ‘unexpected’ yet…