Full details have been revealed by Thorpe Park Resort for Fright Nights 2020 which will see the arrival of a “FEARSTIVAL” on the island. With a brand-new scare maze and a number of new outdoor scare zones, alongside some returning attractions, Attraction Source examines all the details for 2020’s event.

New for 2020 is Roots of Evil, an outdoor scare maze located opposite Wilderness Waffles, which is understood to mean in the location occupied by Blair Witch in 2019. The maze will see guests venture through a forsaken forest and meet the terrifying abominations that dwell within. Guests are advised to move discreetly and pray their presence goes unnoticed, or risk becoming one of the forgotten forever.

Given the ongoing situation with COVID-19, it does not come as a surprise that the Resort are also increasing their offering of outdoor scare zones for 2020. The FEARSTIVAL Arena will see a mysterious menagerie roll into The Dock Yard, where the notorious Compère and their freakish cast will astonish and disturb willing spectators. Also new is The Swarm: Invasion, where there will be increased carnage and desolation on the alien-infested landscape of Swarm Island. Guests are also invited to new for 2020 The Howling of LycanThorpe High, located opposite The Cantina, where the creatures that await are on the hunt for new recruits in time for the full moon. Finally, over in Old Town, the Freaks of the Creek have hacked their way out of the Creek Woods Saw Mill and are wreaking havoc in new scare zone, Creak Freaks: Unchained, which is in place of last year’s new scare maze Creak Freak Massacre. There will also be new roaming entertainment from the mysterious group, The Crows.

Returning for a fifth year, PLATFORM 15 will once again be inviting guests to discover the unfortunate fate of the Sleeper Express, in what has historically been a predominantly outdoor-based maze. Scare zone Terror at Amity High: High School Sucks! will also be back for 2020, along with the ScreamPlexx Cinema.