Chessington World of Adventures Resort opened for the 2020 Passholder Preview Day on Sunday 15th March, and Attraction Source was in attendance to take a look at the changes and improvements at the Resort for the upcoming season.

Ahead of its intended official opening day on Thursday, the finishing touches were being made to the new for 2020 area, the Rainforest. Although we understand the area’s attractions have been testing over the last few weeks, we didn’t see any activity during the preview day. The buildings for Jungle Rangers and River Rafts were looking suitably colourful, with rainforest-themed murals painted on some of their exterior walls, and vines starting to be added. Theming features such as static animal figures and crates, have been added along the rides’ routes, and we are curious to see what will be located in the final enclosed section of Jungle Rangers. As expected, Treetop Hoppers have been rotated to face into the Rainforest, with the queueline reworked so that guests enter from the new area. The two entrance portals that are situated on either side of the area are the most obvious features that were yet to be finished.

The capybara and sulcata tortoise are already getting familiar with their new home before the arrival of guests. Their enclosure includes a crossing which can be opened when Jungle Rangers isn’t in operation to allow the animals into the central area.

Also new for 2020 is Elmer’s Flying Jumbos, the relocation and retheme of an attraction which has been at the park since 1987! Although open, it seems that the Elmer figure shown on the concept art is yet to be added to the centre of the ride, however a couple of brightly-patterned theming features have been installed around the ride area. We’re sure that the combination of the attraction’s new location in Adventure Point and eye-catching colour-scheme will make it popular during the upcoming season.