Chessington World of Adventures Resort have today confirmed that Tiger Rock, their headline attraction for 2018, is set to open on Saturday 5th May.

As well as launching the newly re-themed log flume, the Resort are also set to welcome a family of four endangered Amur Tigers – Olga, Tsar, Kalinka and Kyra – who will be making the move to Chessington all the way from their current home at Kolmården Wildlife Park, Sweden. The tigers will make their home in Land of the Tiger which will include a brand new enclosure constructed on the former site of Mystic East, and will include a number of innovative features and Europe’s first overhead trails meaning the tigers will be able to stroll over the top of guests’ heads.

In preparation for the arrival for the tigers at the Resort, Chessington’s Carnivore Keepers have been meticulously planning every detail of the move, including trips to Sweden to meet the animals face to face, and using FaceTime to communicate with the animals in a trial of a new concept dubbed ‘FaceTiger’.

‘FaceTiger’ has allowed the Carnivore Keepers in the UK and Sweden to try a new digital enrichment programme to help them share key insights into the lives and wellbeing of the four big cats, including how they interact with some of their favourite toys. To help provide a stimulating environment, the tigers are also regularly treated to new objects and smells, such as branches the giraffe have come into contact with and logs from the rhino enclosure. Speaking about the new arrivals, Oli Whiteway, Senior Carnivore Keeper at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, said:

“It’s been amazing getting to know the tigers’ individual personalities. We can see that Tsar, the male of the group, is a big house cat at heart. Whereas the girls are much more playful and little Kalinka is always sneaking around and getting up to mischief. It’s a joy to see them via the screen and we’ve been able to let them hear our voices and practice our calls. We really can’t wait to welcome them to their new home!”

Whilst many guests are excited to see the latest additions to Chessington World of Adventures Resort, some will be disappointed that Tiger Rock will not be open at the start of the 2018 season, or the busy Easter Holiday period.

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