Thorpe Park Resort have submitted plans to Runnymede Borough Council for a minor extension to their Pizza & Pasta food and beverage unit.

The submitted plans outline proposals to add a single, partially enclosed extension to the south-western and south-eastern sides of the restaurant (facing Nemesis Inferno), which would be fully covered and enclosed by timber panels with multiple unglazed openings. Also proposed is an additional, outdoor seating area to the east of the building which would be accessed from the south-eastern side of the new enclosed seating area, and be surrounded by a 1.4 metre high timber fence.

This latest extension will be the second time Thorpe Park Resort have extended their Pizza and Pasta outlet and will see much needed additional capacity added to the popular restaurant. It also follows a series of refreshes to the Island’s food and beverage offering with Fin’s Bar and the Coffee Shack being refurbished, Nitrogenie being introduced in 2016, Mexican Cantina being extended, and most recently the Donut Factory making its debut for 2017.

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