Derren Brown’s Ghost Train is set to get deeper and darker for 2017 as Thorpe Park Resort confirm details of the attractions ‘terrifying new destination’ for 2017.

Using the tag line ‘Rise of the Demon’, the new destination will see a number of changes to the Resort’s multi-million pound dark ride, including a deleted scene which was not signed off for the attraction’s debut season due to fears guests would find the content too intense. Derren Brown and the team at Thorpe Park Resort have also identified the opportunity to heighten the realism of the VR and have re-shot some of the scenes within the attraction.

Many were expecting the Resort to confirm the opening date for the upgraded attraction on Tuesday 7th March with the Resort having previously stated in their blog and other sources that this would be the case. However, no announcement was made, instead those who questioned Thorpe Park Resort’s Twitter account what had happened received a cryptic reply telling them either to check their Direct Messages with a Gif stating ‘Did you think it would be that easy’, or that ‘We’re no longer looking for volunteers…We look forward to seeing you on the other side…’ suggesting that the Resort has something else planned before they announce an official opening date.

This latest announcement follows on from a number of teasers released via the Resort’s social media channels over the past couple of months and is the latest element of a campaign which began back at the start of October 2016 with a number of posters being displayed around the Theme Park advertising the new destination. Thorpe Park Resort also submitted a planning application on October 19th for an extension to the building which houses Derren Brown’s Ghost Train, something which fuelled speculation that the attraction would receive more substantial changes for the 2017 season. This was fuelled further when Merlin Entertainments filed a UK trademark for ‘Rise of the Demon’.

The Resort will be hoping these latest changes to Derren Brown’s Ghost Train will mark a new start for the attraction which experienced a troubled debut season at the Resort. Following a delayed opening which saw the attraction open in July 2016 as opposed to the advertised May debut, the ride had a mixed first few months experiencing several short periods of downtime and frequently opening one to two hours after the main theme park each day.

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