With less than a month to go before Chessington World of Adventures Resort opens for the 2016 season, steady progress is being made on a range of improvements across the zoo and theme park. We took a look at all the latest changes during the Resort’s February Half Term Animal Adventures event.

One of the most obvious changes to have taken place during the winter season is the removal of the track which Safari Skyway once used to transport guests around the Resort. Large portions have now been dismantled changing the view across Market Square for good. Some parts of the track still remain over the animal enclosures where it has not been possible for workers to access, however it is expected that in time these sections too will be removed.

Work is progressing well on the new BBQ Smokehouse. The extension to the former Chicken Shack Building is now almost complete and it is clear that the new restaurant will be substantially larger than its predecessor, something which will add much needed additional capacity to the Resort’s food and beverage offering. The smaller ‘Grillhouse’ outlet which will be located just in front of the newly extended restaurant is also well under construction with workers installing the roof to the building over the weekend. Over on the east side of the building, by Hocus Pocus Hall, the frame of the outdoor cooking area has been put into place.

Transylvania has received a significant refresh with not only the original entrance to Vampire receiving a complete re-paint to restore it to its former glory, but also many of the exterior building facades have been refreshed and re-painted to give the area a much cleaner look. The Resort have also added a number of smaller touches with bats hanging from the underside of some of the building roofs.

As part of their 2016 season plans, the Resort have been promising a new look for The Trail of the Kings, one of the most popular areas of the zoo. Work is well underway for a new entrance feature to the trail which looks set to be an impres