Chessington World of Adventures Resort have today received the go ahead for their proposed new High Ropes course.

Set to be located next to the Sixty Acre Wood, the plans show that two High Ropes courses will be constructed – a “junior course” aimed at younger guests (under 10) and those not quite so confident which would take approximately one hour to complete and have a capacity of up to 330 guests per day, and a larger “adult course” for those of a higher ability level or who have a greater level of confidence which would take approximately three hours to complete and have a capacity of up to 420 guests per day. Both courses will begin from the same, central 16 metre tall start tower, and end in the same place with a 150 metre long zip wire finale, however each course will take its own unique path through the woodland. A range of obstacles will enable guests to move between a series of raised platforms as they make their way around their chosen course. A reception building will also be constructed beneath the final zip wire, adjacent to a dedicated, grassed parking area, which will house a check in area, toilets, café, storage and an education centre, which will be used solely by those guests visiting for the High Ropes Course. A series of paths through the woodland will be installed to help improve access to the general area. Due to the location of the attraction within the resort, a shuttle service is also proposed to transport guests from the hotel and main resort area to the High Ropes course.