Changes have today been confirmed to the 2016 rides and attractions line-up at Chessington World of Adventures Resort, including the removal of a family favourite.

In a message on its website the Resort have confirmed that the decision has been taken to remove Safari Skyway from their ride offering as a result of ‘ongoing maintenance issues’. The Resort initially closed the attraction at the end of the peak summer season in 2015, however at that time stated that the closure was only for the remainder of the year. Popular amongst younger guests and families, the monorail style ride was one of the Resort’s original attractions opening with the Theme Park in 1987 and took guests on a journey above the Theme Park and Zoo allowing them a unique view of some of the Resort’s animals and attractions. There had been speculation that Safari Skyway’s time was up after the removal of the queueline was observed during the recent Winter’s Tail event.

The Resort have also taken the decision to restrict the opening of Rameses Revenge. During the 2016 season, the attraction will now only open during ‘peak dates’ at the Theme Park, however it has not yet been confirmed exactly when these peak dates will be. The Huss Top Spin is the only type of that ride model left in the UK after the removal of Ripsaw from Alton Towers Resort at the end of 2015 (however there remains some travelling Top Spins in the UK).

These latest announcements follow on from the recent announcement of the year of ‘Roar and Explore’ for 2016 which will see a new show, Pandamonium, featuring a pack of mischievous animatronic Pandas will take to the stage, as well as a re-fresh of The Trail of The Kings and the arrival of a new male lion at the Resort.

What are your thoughts to these changes to the ride line up at Chessington World of Adventures Resort? Are you disappointed to see Safari Skyway Retired? Share your thoughts over on the Attraction Source Forum.
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