The 2015 on-the-day admission prices have been confirmed across the southern Merlin theme parks during the past week, with Thorpe Park Resort seeing the largest increase out of the three parks.

Thorpe Park Resort have introduced a new park admission pricing structure which not only sees the removal of the child ticket previously available to guests over 1m but under 12 years old, but also the introduction of a new peak/off-peak system. Whilst the on-the-day cost of an off-peak ticket remains the same as the 2014 season at £49.99, an on-the-day peak ticket will now cost £59.99, an increase of £10 on last season’s price. IT would appear that the resort are classing all weekends, bank holidays, and school holidays as peak days with Fright Nights having a separate pricing structure in line with previous years. Thorpe Park Resort have maintained their on-line offer of tickets being available to purchase admission tickets half price (£24.99 off-peak, £29.99 peak), when booked via their website in advance. The change in the pricing structure also means that once a child is over 1m in height they will have to pay the adult rate of admission.

The increase in gate prices at Thorpe Park Resort follows the introduction of the ‘My First Coaster’ scheme, where, on the first weekend of the main season (14th & 15th March), the first 500 children who measure 1.4m plus a guest on each day will receive free admission along with a photo voucher to record the moment they experience one of Thorpe Park Resort’s five flagship coasters for the first time.

Both Chessington World of Adventures Resort and Legoland Resort Windsor have also seen small increases in their gate admission prices with an increase of £1 on both adult and child tickets at Chessington, and a £1.20 per adult and £2.40 per child increase at Legoland. Increases at both parks are in line with those seen in previous years. The table below details the changes in adult and child tickets for the 2015 season.

What are your thoughts on the new pricing structure at Thorpe Park Resort? Will it make a difference to when you plan to visit? Have your say over on the Attraction Source Forum. With the new season starting this month, we’ll continue to bring you all the latest developments.
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