Thorpe Park’s official website has been given a major overhaul by digital creative agency WickedWeb. Alongside the new website, the logo has been updated featuring a new font.

Although the 2008 season map has not yet been released, the disability guide for the park has. Within the PDF document, which details ride accessibility, the guide lists the new for 2008 attraction ‘Time Voyagers’, replacing Pirates 4D. Here’s some further information provided:

Notes and Restrictions:
• This attraction is dimly lit, and there are sudden loud noises and special effects, this does include water so you may get wet!
• Not suitable for the very young.
• Please speak to the Ride Host at the main entrance for priority access.
• Each show can accommodate up to four Guests in wheelchairs.

This is the first official reference to the attraction which is expected to open in April. Time Voyagers originally opened in 2007 at Gardaland, another Merlin owned attraction. The original film features Italian voice-overs, so the audio will be re-recorded in English for Thorpe Park.

“Embark on a mysterious journey; Dash into the high canyons and gloomy meanders of a world that is still uncharted. The abyss swallows you up and only an alien life can come to your rescue.”

There are only a few days left before the park reopens for its ‘Ultimate Thrill Chill’ on the 16th February – will you be there?
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