Back for a second year, Thorpe Park has now launched Fright Nites 2003. Both mazes have been improved upon for this year, especially the Freezer, which has new theming and is now a full walk-through instead of having the lower capacity maze type layout. Freakshow 3D returns again, and is consistently paced with the scares.

Pirates 4D has been transformed in to ‘Ultimate Horror Movie Bites’, which features scenes from horror movies on the big screen.

Security this year has been an issue, with fights and other incidents breaking out so far, with an intimidating atmosphere at times around the park. Thorpe Park have recognised this will need to be looked at closely to maintain an enjoyable guest experience.

Attendance has been consistently high, with the park reaching capacity a few nights. With the longer opening hours, there is still sufficient time to get plenty of rides in, as the park is open until 11pm.

In other news, the park announced that the relocated Samurai from Chessington will keep the same name at Thorpe Park. Sporting a newly designed logo to complement the other Lost City attractions, Samurai will bring a touch of the far east to the mythical land.
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