Thorpe Park Resort opened the gates of the Island to Annual Pass holders this weekend, offering one of the first opportunities to take a look at the changes which have taken place across the Resort during the closed season. Attraction Source take a look at all the developments from across the Island.

One of the first, and most noticeable changes is at the entrance to the Resort with the turnstiles area having received a complete refurbishment. All the walls now have a wooden finish with suitcases and island theming, whilst work has also taken place on the roof to clear the skylights allowing more light into the turnstiles area giving it a much more pleasant, light and spacious feel. New audio has also been added replacing the pop tracks which previously played as guests entered the park.

The island theming also extends to The Dome which has seen several refreshes for the new season. Inside, the main gift shop has been renamed to The Island Shop and received a number of new theming elements including beach hut fascias in front of the tills, and surfboard shelving. An additional, permanent retail outlet has also been added to the outside of the gift shop which will help relieve the pressure at peak times. The Coffee Shack has also received some new external theming and now serves Costa Coffee, and the seating area now includes surf board style tables and a camper van theming feature. Screens which used to display the queue times from across the Resort have been removed, however at this time it is not known if this is a permanent removal. New audio has also been extended to The Dome and, although not confirmed, sounds like it may have been composed by IMAscore.