THORPE PARK Resort have today submitted a planning application to make CONTAINMENT a permanent attraction at the theme park after a trial run during Fright Nights 2015.

Debuting during Fright Nights 2015 and located in the area behind Depth Charge, CONTAINMENT is an escape room experience which challenges guests to solve a series of puzzles within a strict time limit in order to retrieve the antidote to a deadly virus which has been infecting mankind and escape from the laboratories of the scientist who was studying the virus. The latest planning application for the attraction reveals that the run during Fright Nights was a ‘test event’ and that as a result of the popularity of the attraction the Resort now wish to make is a permanent feature.

Submitted plans indicate that the appearance and main structure of the attraction will remain much the same as during 2015’s Fright Nights Event with the attraction being constructed out of two containers bolted together. The exterior of the building will be distressed painted steel, whilst inside the same maze structure will be retained to form the basis of the escape rooms. A dedicated queue-line will also be installed using ‘open construction fencing’ making the attraction’s waiting area more defined than during Fright Nights. A separate container will also be placed on site to serve as a ‘back of house’ area for the staff involved with the attraction. It is currently unknown if the attraction will retain the same storyline and puzzles as during its test run, or if it will remain as an up-charge attraction.

CONTAINMENT would be the second maze style attraction to become a permanent feature at the Resort after the opening of the I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Maze in March 2014. It would also follow in the footsteps of SAW: Alive which was a permanent scare maze between 2010 and 2012 before having its opening hours reduced to open just during Fright Nights.

If approved the attraction will be subtracted from the allowed floor space for developments set out as part of the Medium Term Development Plan approved in March 2011 which enables attractions to be put forward as part of a previously outlined development plan.

What are your thoughts about CONTAINMENT becoming a permanent feature at Thorpe Park Resort? Did you get the chance to experience it during Fright Nights 2015? Have your say over on the Attraction Source Forum. We’ll continue to bring you all the latest developments as we get ever closer to the start of the 2016 season.
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