Thorpe Park have applied for planning permission to build two new rides from manufacturer S&S.

The first new attraction proposed is one of the largest flat rides in existence; the Sky Swat. This monster of a structure reaches heights of 105ft when in motion. The prototype opened at Six Flags Astroworld in Texas, before moving to Six Flags New England in Massachusetts, USA. The ride will be located on the hilly landscape behind X:\ No Way out, and is assumed to take on the Canada Creek theme. Thanks to community member Cerberus, we have two unofficial concept images which provide an idea of how the Sky Swat may look in its proposed location.

The second proposed attraction will be a new type of ride from S&S called the Screamin’ Swing, or Giant Swing as Tussauds are calling it. Riders will sit on one of two gondolas and swing back and forth in a pendulum type motion, feeling moments of ‘airtime’ at the peak of each swing.

Thorpe Park’s ride will be Europe’s first – and a higher capacity version of the same ride currently being installed at Knott’s Berry Farm, California, USA. The Screamin’ Swing will be replacing Eclipse, which is now confirmed to be heading to Chessington where it will be located on Samurai’s former site.

Guests have been disappointed with Thorpe Park this year for not holding any special events for the 25th anniversary of the park. Currently the only reminder is a nice flower display on the entrance lake bank.

The themed ends on Quantum’s gondola have been removed due to being unsafe for operation. A patterned panel has been attached which looks better than the temporary option now removed.
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