From concept to reality. The following images were used to provide an impression of what the relevant attraction would look like before it was built. Which is your favourite?

Big Easy Boulevard replaced Angry Birds Land for the 2024 season, and was billed as a place to let loose, seize the moment and create memories. The area kept the vibrant coloured buildings but presented them in a better way, also providing a more suitable transition between the two Amity areas and the tropical vibes of Nemesis Inferno and Rumba Rapids.

Even after having a budget cut mid-way through the project, Colossus still extended the dramatic Lost City theme throughout its area. The designer John Wardley gave everyone a preview via a Rollercoaster Tycoon version he made in advance.

Nemesis Inferno was a highly themed addition which mirrored its concept art.

A new bright orange train for Flying featured as part of its return. The rather plain Thunder River entrance was transformed in to a tropical landmark for Rumba Rapids. Samurai is shown here in a slightly different colour scheme compared to what was chosen. Saw Alive turned out exactly like the concept art, and was as grim in real life as depicted!

Still looking mighty impressive, Rush did not feature the designs shown below on the structure. Slammer turned out identical, apart from the stripes on the two towers.

Originally known as Project Dylan, the early concept art and plans gave no indication of the Saw movie theme. If the franchise is ever dropped we will still have a suitably themed ride for the area.

The following concept image gave an idea of how Stealth’s iconic top hat element would look, with the queue-line following the revised route that no longer featured the grandstand.

The post-apocalyptic land that has been attacked by an alien swarm was brought to life in these images.

Based on the popular TV series of the same name, we saw the X:\ No Way Out pyramid transformed in to a zombie infested wasteland.

Originally called Crash Pad, Thorpe Park’s hotel made from shipping containers was leased from Snoozebox. Once the development was purchased, three different concepts were drawn up for consideration, with the Thorpe Shark Hotel theme eventually chosen.

Not only did the fantastic theming of Tidal Wave match the great detail put in to the following drawings, it turned out to be one of Tussaud’s best looking rides ever created.