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What rides and attractions do you miss? Share your memories of Alton Towers' extensive past here.
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I hope we are not going too off topic with regards to Nemesis. (Mods. Please feel free to move to another thread or a new topic in necessarily)

When I visited Alton Towers back in1994 (it was Easter holidays). I spotted the Nemesis mask inside the gift shop just outside the haunted house (now where Nitrogenie sits). I wanted the mask for my illusion and was told that it wasn't for sale as it was a one off mask made just for display purposes. It's was very detailed. The collar of the jacket is actually part of the latex mask which sits over the shoulders complete with detail latex chain and padlock. Please enjoy the mask

Here is a video from the 1990's of me performing my Nemesis routine, its an illusion that took me two years to design, build and perfect. I've seen similar illusions performed since, but none that does exactly what you see. I've plenty more illusions that I performed back in the 1990's, All of which I uploaded to YouTube. I've uploaded the best stuff first, so if you do decide to watch them all, you might want to start with the ones that were uploaded the earliest. Enjoy

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