TowersTimes’ Summer Festival Vol.2 - Reviews & Feedback

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Thank you to everyone who attended our Summer Festival event at Alton Towers Resort!

We'd love to hear your thoughts about the day, whether there are things you particularly enjoyed or any suggestions that we could consider for future events, do let us know.
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Well, yesterday was pretty amazing :)

There were so many highlights including the very amusing Hex takeover and the talk from Tech services was really interesting too - those coaster wheels were very cool too!

The other highlight was the Wicker Man ERT which was awesome and I managed 8 goes :)

Shame I had to dash off before the evening festivities but I'm sure it was fab!

A big thanks to the team/ Alton Towers for such an amazing event and also was lovely to see everyone again - meeting new people too was great :)

Thanks also to Alice for the cookie - it was yummy as always!

Roll on the next one!!
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Emma and I absolutely loved the event. It was our first TT event and we're already looking forward to the next one.

So many positives from the event and not a single negative I can think of. Loved the technical talk, the take overs, meeting all you lovely people, exclusive ride times and then finishing the park day off in the Welcome Inn. Hex was so funny and I think I dried out from Battle Galleons just before Wickerman in the evening.

We arrived at the resort on Thursday morning for park opening and left on Sunday afternoon feeling physically broken. Despite going into the theme park on all four days, playing golf, waterpark twice, high ropes and a dungeon walk through the trip wouldn't have been half as good as it was without TT.

Made new friends over the weekend and definitely plan to meet up again. We go to AT at least once a month so we're bound to bump into others at the park before Scaremazing.

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Arguably the best event yet! Right from the get go everything was absolutely wild- particular highlights were the Rocky Horror Edition of Hex and the ultra-violence of Battle Galleons.
As always the ERTs were great fun, thanks to the ops for being so efficient and kindly offering us a fastrack after Rita had it's moment.
But of course, it's the party that makes this particular event so special. Was so funny to see everyone chilling out with a few drinks, then the second the Superhero Dance came on, all hell broke loose! Quite possibly the most amount of fun I've had since last year's event.
If there's one bit of feedback I could give- was it just me or did the party feel significantly shorter this time round? It's a tricky thing to balance with ERT, but if I'm entirely honest, I'd happily sacrifice the rides for more dancing.
That's not to say that the event wasn't buckets of fun though! Thank you all so much for an incredible and hilarious weekend, missing you already! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm taking myself to bed to recover from the carnage :lol
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I'm still very tired and probably not yet dry from Battle Galleons but it's all worth it as the event was amazing!!

It was lovely to see everyone again as well as seeing loads of new faces. I couldn't ask for a better group of people.

Some highlights for me were the Wicker Man ERT, Pizza Pasta takeover and Blade takeover.

I particularly enjoyed the evening party with all the smoke and bubbles. I've never moved as quickly as when I heard the superhero song starting.

Basically I enjoyed everything and can't wait for October for some spooky bants.
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I really enjoyed this event and had so much fun! :) It was really nice to speak to first time attendees, along with the regulars, and hanging out with you all! It is always good to meet like minded people! :D

I really enjoyed the ERT on Rita in the morning and experiencing my most painful ride on The Smiler ever due to the rain during free time. That hurt! :lol

Hex was excellent too, but please remember that "The room may swing from side to side!" :lol

Wicker Man ERT was one of the coolest things ever. I lost count of how many rides I achieved, but I went for the full hour! I nearly broke my neck looking backwards on one ride along with some others. That made for a good ride photo :lol

The courtyard social was brilliant. I must admit, I enjoyed it so much more than last year! Being under the canopy certainly added to the atmosphere! :)
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For a second year, the TT Festival was great! Loved the day with the activities planned and the rides inbetween.

Was great to see so many new comers and was even better to hear they enjoyed their first event! It's amazing to see how big these groups get and to see so many new faces join each time! Makes the day that extra bit special as well as seeing the regular attendees.

Rita ERT was enjoyable! My first ever front row ride was great and now I appreciate the ride that little bit more.

Takeovers as standard were fun, Hex and Blade were personal favourites to just how mad we get and how confused we can make the public!

Loved the talk with the technical services team. Some great insights to the background of some the Park's rides and also being able to feel how heavy those wheels are!

Of course Wicker Man ERT was as mad as last year and just as fast! I always forget how fast that ride goes late into the day.

Of course it wouldn't be a TT event without the social and what a social it was. I have never felt so tired and exhausted in my life after all that dancing. I can safely say I have never seen such panic as to when the Superhero Dance was played in my life! Thank you to the DJ who made the night jam packed with cheesey songs and "absolute bangers" (grease will never be the same again)

Thank you to everyone who attended and who make these events so special. See you all at Scaremazing!
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Yet again, another fab event! ERT on Rita was fun despite the delay (classic Rita moment right there).

Particularly enjoyed the takeovers this time. Hex was absolutely hilarious, I think we really confused a few regular guests! Blade as always was a highlight. Special mention to the water madness of Galleons and the wettest Smiler ride I’ve ever had!

The tech services talk was definitely insightful - having the ride wheels in was a really nice touch! I quite liked the use of some footage from Smiler; I generally find unusual videos and plans from other talks are very interesting to see.

Wicker ERT was awesome! Definitely the most comprehensive experience of the ride I’ve had since it opened - nice to see it running so quickly for us too! Unfortunately I didn’t get chance to stay for the ensuing madness, but I’ve heard stories... ;) Well done on another great event, I hope this bubbly incarnation of our Summer event sticks around!
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It takes me a while to recover... I'm not sure I'm there yet!

I loved spending so much time with everyone, the ride takeovers are one of my favourite times. (Although the extended Blade cycle nearly ended me!)

The ERTs we're brilliant, the talk was informative despite a portion of it going over my head, and the free time is perfect for catching up with friends. The social was a joy!

I always look back on these events and remember the laughter. This time laughter with a side order of floral print, glitter and bubbles!

Thank you to everyone who made the festival amazing for a second year running. These events are always a highlight of my year.

Can't wait to see you all for Halloween!
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This event was the best one yet!! (I say this every time lol). The courtyard takeover in the evening was amazing and the highlight of the day, the dances were great fun! The maintenance talk was so interesting to me as that is what my dream job is so I'd love to see more talks from them in the future.

My only niggle from the day is the Wicker Man ERT. I found it quite annoying we had to run all the way back round when last time we were allowed to use the fire exit doors. I know this is out of TTSPs control but would have been so much better if we didn't have to run round and we could have got much higher ride counts!

Was such a brilliant day!
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