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Swarm Chris

Thought I'd drop you some feedback from a conversation I had whilst queuing for early morning Wicker Man, the morning after the festival. Spoke to a man and his son, who were both rollercoaster fanatics, and mentioned that I'd had fun riding Wicker Man the previous evening. They immediately asked if that was the Towers Times event.

They had a couple of questions/concerns about the event. Firstly, whether as a passholder I had to pay for the event and secondly were concerns about having to stay with the group all day. I got the impression the costing issue came more from the perspective of not fully appreciating the costs incurred from the park for running ERTs etc. Whilst the group concern was that they feared it could be quite boring. I spoke about the ride takeovers and general craziness of the day, which they seemed to like the sound of, although they had a slight misconception on the ride takeovers in that they thought the group had fastpass access to the rides.

So just a couple of small things from some people that may well be lurking here somewhere. :)
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When are photos being posted?
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Hey Liam,

We should have these up within the next day or two! :)