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Thrillmad wrote:
Ripsaw Raver wrote: ok herers my prediction for the 7 hidden elements. first of all i think that 5 will be stage 3 marmalisation , simply because the inoculator ingame ATM has only 2 syringes.
(Theses elements may make up the Disorientator on the indoor section.
1-Inoculator Stage3
3-Giggler Stage3
4-Tickler Stage3
5-Hypnotiser Stage3
7-Roll coming out of CobraRoll
7 is in the game though :/
It's not..... We've been round this point far too many times :/ 11 inversions In the game.... We are missing both dive loops and the inversion immediately after the cobra roll

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I've said it before... We have a fully functional marmaliser in game for all the public to see... Are they really going to hide in the secret worlds first section incremental upgrades to what we already know?

There's the other two inversions, the disorientator, and the two lifthills... I'm my opinion