What did you ride on your first visit?

What rides and attractions do you miss? Share your memories of Alton Towers' extensive past here.
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Here are mine in order:
Ice Age 4D
Charlie and the chocolate factory
TH13TEEN (the ride that made me become obsessed in the first place!)
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Oblivion in a three hour queue in 2010!
Air was our next ride in a two hour queue!
Nemesis was around half an hour
Thirteen was a 1 hour wait
Rita was 90 minutes.
Then the monorail home
This is the first one I can remember, the only times before I was 3 and 4 years old
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Strangly it was dual. My first visit happened to be on a day where the park suffered a power cut and the only sections of the park that where open was gloomy wood and forbidden valley. Air was my first big coaster and my first coaster with inversions and was shortly followed by nemesis. My friends where going to throw me in the deep end with the smiler as my first ride. The power did come back on latter and I ended up going on all of the coasters apart from the mine train and spin ball spinner.

My first ever AT ride? Oblivion!
The Smiler
Battle Galleons
Heave Ho!

We went slap-bang in the middle of Summer!
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I think I first went when I was a toddler (around 90/91) so obviously don't remember it too well. My first actual memories of going to Towers were from a bit later - I remember seeing the Peter Rabbit ice show, and a magic show where Ice Age now is (I got to feel the sawn in half lady's head to prove she was real), and going on Toyland Tours and loving it! I remember the swan boats being there but not necessarily going on them?

The first time I went on any of the "big rides" was probably only 4-5 years ago; I went with my now boyfriend and his friends, who I didn't know, and didn't want to be that awful miserable person who doesn't go on any rides and spends the day waiting for everyone else (in the past I'd had my mum to wait with, cos she's not really a ride person). The first ride was Nemmy - I was cacking my pants in the queue but came off buzzing, and have never looked back! :-D
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At Alton I first went when I was 14 and out of the main thrill rides I rode;
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My First ever Towers major coaster was Thi3teen I love it and then my first ever upside down coaster was air then nemesis about 5 min later!
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I remember going as a young child but had no idea which rides I did first. At some point I did:
- Corkscrew.
- Nutty Squirrel Ride.
- Black Hole.
- Runaway Mine Train.
- The Flume.
- The Rapids.
- Those swan boat things where Battle Galleons is now.
- Ug Swinger.
- Possibly The Haunted House, Toyland Tours and Boneshaker, but I'm not sure because I don't remember them.
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I did
Twirling toadstool
Enterprise and a few others
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Flume, beast & corkscrew. When nemmy was built I got my mum to buy me some crap looking ascec trainers with a HUGE heel and spiked my hair up so I was tall enough. aftera nervous 2hr q, when I got strapped in, I was worried I was too short and told the man I cheated... He just laughed and sent me on my way... It was mind blowing for a 9 year old and telling the girls back at school got me my first proper girlfriend hahaha.
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I do not remember the year I visited, but it was the Runaway Mine Train Coaster. Or, if you want to be picky, then the momorail from the hotel to the park. ;)
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I was 15 or 16 so it was 11 or so years ago.

I went with my girlfriend at the time, she had been not long before our visit.

It was a quite windy october day and the park was empty, we got on all the rides twice.
Because it was a really quiet day too, we got to explore a little bit, so we had a really long walk around the gardens which was really nice.
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Just got back from my first ever visit to AT, I was meant to go back when The Smiler opened but alas, I did not.

As expected it was busy yesterday, but suprisingly even busier today. We got on:

Nemesis x3
Oblivion x3
Air x3
The Smiler x3
Rita x2
Thirteen x4
Hex x2
The Sanctuary (absolutely brilliant!), Terror of the Towers, Zombies! and Scary Tales x1
Sonic Spinball x2
Nemesis: Sub-Terra x2
Duel x2
Sharkbait Reef x1
Haunted Hollows (does this even count??) x1
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory x1
and Enterprise x1

I think we did pretty well for ourselves! I'm gutted I didn't get on Ripsaw to be honest, but nobody wanted to go on it and I couldn't be bothered queueing up alone :-(.

Still, I had a brilliant time. AT is much better than Thorpe (as i've been told), and The Sanctuary is definitely the best scare maze i've been on, including everything at Fright Nights..

I can't wait to go back :D.
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I first went when I was 3 months old in June 1999 and I went on the swan boats which is now battle galleons. There are pictures of me in a bonnet in front of them #-o
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The first ride I went on was air. The second was Rita and the third was Thirteen. Then it was nemesis and oblivion before The Smiler.

I was really scared before going on all of them, but then again, I an still a tiny bit scared before going on The Smiler
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Hm, at my first visit I wasn't the golden 1.40, but I went on:

Blade, Sonic Spinball, Duel, Monorail, River Rapids, Twirling toadstool (FTW), ice age 4d, Charlie and le chocolate factory, heave ho, and the spinning gunpowder ride (forgot what it was called :P)
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My first ever ride was squirrel nutty (now get set... go treetop adventure), then berry bash, then old mcdonalds farmyard and then duel!
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Technically, Monorail and Skyride :).
Little ride (1995): Log Flume
Big ride (2004): Air
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When I first went (I think I was 10), I went on
- Oblivion
- The Flume
- Duel
- Congo River Rapids
- Hex
- Driving School (no idea how I got on, because I was over 1.4m at the time)
- Th13teen
- Squirrel Nutty Ride
- Skyride
I remember riding Oblivion first and being really excited about riding "The Big 5", which was the promotion at the time, and then not wanting to after riding Oblivion, because of how terrified I was :lol

Credit to NemesisRider
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I remember going on a school trip when we were just heading off to college, back in 95/96 ish and the only rides I remember riding were the rapids and corkscrew I was so proud of myself for going on the corkscrew as inversions were all new and intimidating to me. Nemesis queue was insane so we didn't even consider it, but I do wish I'd done the Black Hole. I remember walking past it, but the group weren't bothered so we never did it. :(
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