Alton Towers rides for the larger person

Been to an attraction recently? Planning a trip? Tell us about it here or get some hints and tips for your next visit.
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Thank you for posting this.
I went to Alton Towers yesterday and was honestly having nightmares about it.
Im 5ft 8 and around 20 st (292 lbs). I've had to do the walk of shame once before at thorpe park and thought never again!

To help anyone my experience was this....

Wicker man -I knew as soon as we got the the front of the queue this would be a problem. The carts are very  small with no legroom at all. I had to watch a guy do the walk of shame just before so I knew my time was imminent. I wanted to try anyway, just incase. It didn't happen, because you have no leg room your legs naturally push your stomach up, the attendant tried to push my bar down but with no luck..... I had to get off.

Rita - this is amazing! I would say it is a more spacious ride. Got on no problem, the overhead restraints clicked in with room to spare... I was a happy girl!

Nemesis - now this was tough. I sat in the seat and I was wedged in. My bum was not touching the bottom but my hips was so wedged in it was painful. Having said this they attended did get the overhead restraint to click and by the time you get off you have shuffled in to place

Smiler - this is the most generous seating out of all the rides. Nice and spacious had no issues at all on this.

Oblivion - this was smilier to the nemesis. It was a wedge and uncomfortable but the bar clicked down and we were off.

Sonic Spinball - there is not much legroom on this ride again. I managed to get the bar to click down but the attendant said it needed to go down two more clicks. So he and another pushed with all they could and I was in. Thank gosh. Although a very very uncomfortable tight and dare I say painful squeeze.

Galactica - unfortunately was closed and thirteen we queued for 2 hours, got right to the front to get on the ride and it broke down. So unfortunately I cannot comment on these.

I just want to say that i know it is awful having to get off of the ride while your friends/family don't. But please do try the ride, you will never see any of these other people again. I had the best time and i wasnt going to even attempt to get on any but I'm so glad I did.
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Giving my two pennies as this thread helped me for my trip. I’ve just been today. Im a girl, wear a size 20 dress size and I’m all over proportionally large, no area larger than anywhere else if that makes sense..
I have very fat thighs and this was most of the problem. Most restraints are by chest size and mine comes in at 48 which is the minimum for most of the chest restraint ‘white knuckle rides’.
The Smiler is the most forgiving, has a chest limit of 52 inches, only have to pull the harness down enough for it to lock, no belt needs to be clipped in and no notches to click. The seat is a little tight for big hips/bums/thighs but otherwise comfortable and secure. My sister who is a tiny size 12 said she felt she didn’t fit in it properly as she was loosely held in it! I rode this first and ended up returning to it. I saw one man do the walk of shame and this did little to calm my anxieties but much to my relief I fit on the Smiler no problems.
Next we did Oblivion. There is a test seat to the left of the ride entrance, I’d recommend trying it out. It has the double buckles on and you only have to get both buckles in, even if the harness is a little loose if you can’t pull it down over a larger belly etc as long as you can clip both belts they are happy. I had room to spare on the belts and probably would have fit in a standard one belt seat but when I got to the top I discreetly asked the worker if I could have the double buckle seat to which she said of course and directs you to your station. It’s all done very professionally and discreetly and dignified. Again, the seat was a little tight for larger hips/bums/thighs but I squeezed in and managed to clip both belts as before no problem.
Next we went to galactica as the queue was short and this had always been my favourite as a kid and I haven’t been on it for years! I expected to be able to get on so stupidly didn’t try the test seat outside, my pride took the better of me and I didn’t want people to watch me as due to social distances queues it was spilling out the ride entrance and the test seat is directly to the right of it. My worst fear came true and I didn’t fit in it. You have to be able to click the harness down two notches but I couldn’t even get one. It wasn’t my chest or belly that were the problem, it was my fat thighs that prevented it being pushed down. If you have big legs just don’t even bother. My sister rode it on her own as I didn’t want to prolong the torture of multiple stewards trying to squeeze me in. However, must praise the staff who are so lovely about it and don’t make a fuss at all.
We did Nemesis next. I asked for the test seat but they don’t have one, however the worker at the entrance advised if I could ride oblivion I’d be fine and to just ask for the double buckle seat which I did, again discreetly directed to row 4 and you’ll see the double buckle seat. The seat itself was another tight fit but I managed to comfortably sit in it and get the harness down and clipped in no problem.
13. A lap bar! It has a small lap bar that your legs go through and I just about squeezed on it. There’s no leg space whatsoever to cross them or stretch them out and the sides of the bar dug right into the sides of my thighs but I managed to fit and ride, however even a few cm’s/lbs bigger and I’m convinced I wouldn’t have managed!
After riding 13 I was sure I’d fit on wicker man. I asked the man at the entrance and he reassured me if I fit on 13 I would wicker man as the cars and restraints are similar. We queued for 45 mins only to discover there was absolutely no chance of me fitting in it. The seats are a strange triangular shape that narrow towards the back so if you have a big bum/hips you really can’t shuffle back enough to get the bar down. The bar itself is a T shape bar that has to click in once but I just couldn’t get it down at all. Two workers tried but I asked to get off as was getting embarrassing. Lap bars are the problem for me, my legs are huge and just don’t fit lap bars over me..
Rita, didn’t even bother with this one. I barely fit on it when I was a 12 year old size 14ish so wasn’t going to even try and embarrass myself on this one.
We also rode The Blade pirate ship, no issues at all on this one. Just bench type seats and a one fits all bar.
Rapids also no problem as free seats
Indoor rides were closed due to covid restrictions so can’t comment on those.
My tip- the Alton towers website specifies chest sizes for the big rides but I’d say thighs are the problem on many. I’d say if you have giant thighs like me it’s going to make things difficult for you so keep that in mind as well as your upper body sizing.

All in all I would say up to women’s size 18 you’ll have no problems, if you’re like me, a size 20 and up I’d say it’s dependent on your body type but you may not fit on everything so be prepared for that situation. I think the anxiety of ‘the walk of shame’ is worse than it actually is. Most people aren’t even looking as they’re chatting to each other, queues no longer congregate inside at the boarding bit due to covid measures so only a small amount of people may see you have to get off and even then the vast majority don’t laugh or make fun because they can appreciate how mortifying it is. I wasn’t that bothered, just remember that you’ll never ever see these people again! At least try just in case you do fit and that way you can re-ride what you know you can get on! Don’t be scared or nervous to ask the attendant for the larger seat on the rides that have them. They discreetly direct you to it and no one would even know it was a larger seat unless they knew about it already. Just remember the attendants do the job every day and you won’t be the first nor the last to ask! All in all was a good day, maybe now will encourage me to drop a few dress sizes so I can get on them all without a squeeze!!
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2021 has been a tough year for all and my weight began to sky rocket due to restrictions . I decided to finally put a stop to my weight gain and decided to begin a weight loss journey, I have since lost 21kg in under 6 month!, I had put off going to theme parks for roughly 5 years after I felt very embarrassed when I last went and had to do a walk of shame on nemesis.

I’m currently 6ft5, 142kg (22st 2) 49” chest, 40 waist and of a athletic but chunky build (feel free to ask for photos if you’d like to compare to see if I’m similar)

I recently returned from my trip this month and this is my guides to the rides I went on

First ride of the day Wickerman, was extremely anxious about this one, being tall & having large “rugby legs” I feared for the worst, however Id equired a technique where I sit with my ankles/feet crossed & spread my legs, I got the bar down two clicks, absolutely over the moon with this and set my day off on the right step!

Next up was Nemesis, the thoughts of the “walk of shame” ingrained in my head, I was certain id be suffering the same fate, I sat in a normal seat, restraint came down and to my worry I couldn’t clip the buckle in, luckily for me my friend was able to clip it in without any fuss and we was on our way!.

Ride 3 Blade plenty of room even for a chunky giant like myself.

Ride 4 Smiller the only rollercoaster I got on when I was a lot bigger previously, got on this one with ease with it having much larger restrictions than the other rides, however the attendant proceeded to have a shove to make sure I felt secure.

Ride 5 Duel well this used to be one of my favourite rides to go on, ques allways low and it’s great to compete with my friends, however this isn’t a weight issue I’m just not the fan of the more serious soundtrack ?, I sat at the back for this ride and was slightly snug on my legs and had to fold them, would of been much better sat on the front bench in hindsight.

Enterprise, Rapids & the Waltzer plenty of room as you could imagine, no concerns for anyone with these rides!

Had plenty of re-rides on the rides listed above, and thoroughly had an amazing day, and have booked to return in June!, thank you guys for posts it gave me a lot of reassurance and got me prepared for what obstacles I may face.

thanks again

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Found this so helpful so wanted to add my experience.

Being a bigger girl myself (around 3.5 stone heavier than last time I went!) I was pretty anxious about getting on the rides.

I’m 5’3 and 108kg.... quite evenly spread but carry a lot on my lower back, hips and stomach. I wear 18-20 top and 20-22 on my lower half.

Anyway - first up was wicker man - was so anxious waiting in line. The seat was pretty snug and I pulled the bar down, couldn’t get a click... major panick set in, asked my boyfriend to push it down, and with ease he did and got a click. All fine and off we went.

Oblivion - nervously asked the girl ‘will i fit’.... she shrugged it off and said yeah. I sat in, pulled the harness down and clipped in no problem. Again a little snug but fine. Such a good ride!

Nemesis - somehow managed to get myself to the double belted seat - this was a snug fit! The seats are extremely narrow for my hips and lower back! But clipped in fine and off we went. Not sure how I’d of got on with the normal seats.

Smiler - all fine no problems whatsoever.

Rita - again no problem - got a click and the belt down myself, the attendant pushed it down again and asked me was this ok. A little snug but was fine.

Didn’t get on thirteen or galatica as thought I might be pushing it here!

All round great day but promised myself I’ll not put myself in the same position again as just couldnt enjoy it like I should of!
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Found this thread before going to Alton towers with my boyfriend and found it helpful so thought I’d add our experience to pass on the help.

I’m 5’5 and currently approx size 20 on top size 22 on bottom. I carry my weight very much in my bottom half, particularly bum, hips and legs and a bit of a tum. My boyfriend is 6’1 and approx 19 stone.

Galactica - tried the tester seat after the park closed and no one was around as we knew it would be ambitious. Neither of us could get it to click and I was a long way off but my boyfriend came pretty close - still a no go

Spin ball whizzer - didn’t go there as we’re already over the weight limit! And knew it was the smallest ride for chonkers so avoided (didn’t feel like we were missing out on anything)

Thirteen - no issues. Was very snug with legs having to be inside of the lap bar but not uncomfortable.

Rita - no issues, lots of room. In the tester seat my boobs were very squished down but no such issue on the actual ride.

Nemesis - got in fine, but quite compressed on the legs as quite a narrow seat.

Oblivion - same as nemesis, no issues with restraint but very snug on the bum. Went on it twice and we both felt being in the back row was tighter on the bum than the front row, but can’t say why.

Smiler - no issues, lots of room.

Runaway mine train - boyfriend had to partly sit on my leg as we couldn’t both sit down properly which was rather uncomfortable. Very snug to the point where other people waiting to board clearly found our squished-ness entertaining.

Wicker man - the only one where we both needed any help from the staff. Both felt very close to clicking in but tummy’s were in the way. Got told to slide forward in the seat and we pushed down on one side of the bar at the same time as the staff member who pushed the other side. I got in easier than my boyfriend who needed a couple goes. Both felt a bit of panic when the guy said ‘I’m going to try one more time’ but then it clicked in! Staff were very friendly and supportive.

Also for reference - I have had to do the walk of shame once on swarm at thorpe park when I don’t think I was sat all the way back. I have ridden it before fine! My boyfriend has only had to do the walk of shame on galatica on a previous trip.
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Hello do any of you lovely people have hip or thigh measurements you would be willing to share? I am 5.9 a size 20 with 46 inch bust 36 inch waist and a 52 inch hip. I am going as a carer for my daughter and don't want to have to embarrass her by both of us having to leave a ride. Help pls?
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hello i am considered a beast a giant i am 6 foot 2 inches way around 180 pounds and have a chest of 49-54 inches.
i have had problems at theme parks such as Thorpe park I needed help getting into stealth and I couldn't get into a single buckle seat on nemesis inferno (the worst nemesis). but the one ride I had the most trouble with was the swarm i got the green light on the system but the buckle was just off of going in. I am coming here because I am going to Alton towers resort again time next week and wanted to share my past experiences at Alton towers.

- the smiler
like saw the ride at Thorpe park i have no problem getting on gertslauler rollercoasters or flats. completely fine with this one!

- oblivion
tight on the single buckle seats but not too bad i find it way more comfortable on the double buckle. btw oblivions tester seat isn't accurate so if you don't fit on the tester you may get on the actual ride.

just like stealth at Thorpe park or cheetah hunt at Busch gardens i fit on these intimins well they are quite generous. are a bit tight in my opinion but still i get on.

- thirteen
very easy to ride i have fairly big thighs and i fit rather generously in thirteen. it could be tight for some but is a fairly generous ride seat.

- spin ball
yes even though some of you on here don't fit on Maurer spinning coasters that well and don't bother, i think they are great fun when weight is balanced right. remember i am 6 foot 2 and have a rather large stomach and i fit on these rides fine! (underrated ride tbh)

fit generously a bit of a squeeze but the double buckle is fine.
i actually find nemesis at Alton towers more generous than nemesis inferno at Thorpe park!

galactica- have not been on it in years but from other posts I'm not too worried

- the retro squad
was comfortable on mixtape and roller disco but funk n fly was a bit tight on my thighs. (fyi i have not been on spinjam yet)

-wicker man
fit fine on it needed no help just a check and i went might have changed after a few months but its fairly generous.

rides that are fine for most sizes are
-gangster granny
-runaway mine train ( I'm not sure but i fit like a baby on it)
-Congo river rapids
-postman pat
-the Alton towers dungeons
-in the night garden
- and most of cbeebies land
if you have any updated size recs for spinjam please reply with you own story on it.
thank you will update after i have been.
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Thanks for your post - always good to hear other point of views on this subject.
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just a quick question :)

has anyone got the maximum for spin jam at Alton? as a Tivoli extreme is new to me.
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Having read this post many times during my planning stage, I thought I’d jump on and give my experience. Thank you to all those who helped me.

I visited this week over 2 days, I’m a carer for my disabled son who adores theme parks. I took a friend to go on the rides with him as my size and fear was stopping me. I am a size 22 generally, bigger on my hips, bum and thighs and can wear a UJ size 20 on my top but prefer long free flowing tops so size up. These rides are not designed for pear shaped women! I’m 5ft 10. Having had to do the walk of shame at Thorpe Park on Swarm I vowed I would never embarrass my children like that again.

So, with this in mind I was extremely reluctant to go on any of the big rides, topped with my fear I didn’t go on any on day 1.

Day 2, I spoke to a lovely larger couple who persuaded me to try some and as Smiler was the biggest and most generous that was the one I went for. I fit in the seat no problem, told the attendant how nervous I was and he was brilliant, very discrete and gave the harness an extra push down too. Great ride above the expletives leaving my mouth.

Other rides with no problem - runaway train - had to sit in a carriage on my own legs sideways. Good fun.
Waltzer - great fun, no problems, again legs to the side.
Blade no problem
Smaller pirate ship no problem.
Teacups legs to the side, no problem.

I’ve promised my child and myself that I will lose weight and revisit as I am ashamed that my size and fear stopped me. Silly really but it made me realise how much I stop myself from participating.
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I stumbled on this thread before a recent trip, which helped a LOT. So thought I’d add my experience also.

I’m a female, 230lbs carry mainly on hips, thighs and boobs. Only short at 5ft 2. Dress size 16/18 on top, 18/20 on bottom.

We managed to ride oblivion, smiler, nemesis, Rita, 13 and wicker man with no issues at all. Easy click ins no help required.
Galactica which I was terrified of, I tried the tester seat and got 1 click. Decided to chance it and the attendant pushed it in 1 more click easily, and we were off.
Runaway mine train was tight but only because 2 of us jammed in to one seat. Would have been fine if separate.
Blade was also fine no issues there.
Didn’t do spinball whizzed so can’t comment there.
My advice try the tester seats.
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