Alton Towers rides for the larger person

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Thank you for posting this.
I went to Alton Towers yesterday and was honestly having nightmares about it.
Im 5ft 8 and around 20 st (292 lbs). I've had to do the walk of shame once before at thorpe park and thought never again!

To help anyone my experience was this....

Wicker man -I knew as soon as we got the the front of the queue this would be a problem. The carts are very  small with no legroom at all. I had to watch a guy do the walk of shame just before so I knew my time was imminent. I wanted to try anyway, just incase. It didn't happen, because you have no leg room your legs naturally push your stomach up, the attendant tried to push my bar down but with no luck..... I had to get off.

Rita - this is amazing! I would say it is a more spacious ride. Got on no problem, the overhead restraints clicked in with room to spare... I was a happy girl!

Nemesis - now this was tough. I sat in the seat and I was wedged in. My bum was not touching the bottom but my hips was so wedged in it was painful. Having said this they attended did get the overhead restraint to click and by the time you get off you have shuffled in to place

Smiler - this is the most generous seating out of all the rides. Nice and spacious had no issues at all on this.

Oblivion - this was smilier to the nemesis. It was a wedge and uncomfortable but the bar clicked down and we were off.

Sonic Spinball - there is not much legroom on this ride again. I managed to get the bar to click down but the attendant said it needed to go down two more clicks. So he and another pushed with all they could and I was in. Thank gosh. Although a very very uncomfortable tight and dare I say painful squeeze.

Galactica - unfortunately was closed and thirteen we queued for 2 hours, got right to the front to get on the ride and it broke down. So unfortunately I cannot comment on these.

I just want to say that i know it is awful having to get off of the ride while your friends/family don't. But please do try the ride, you will never see any of these other people again. I had the best time and i wasnt going to even attempt to get on any but I'm so glad I did.
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