Got an idea of how the Alton Towers Resort may develop over the coming seasons? Discuss it here.
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Possibly. Obviously the coaster plans were drawn up for that site a long time ago, but don’t think anyone knows why the project didn’t go ahead - either due to budget or conservation constraints. Would be a great location for the next major ride!
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It’s been very quiet on the SW9 front, it can’t be too long until we get at least a sniff of what could be coming or where. One thing I keep wondering is, could the park remove one of its ageing coasters to replace it with SW9 much like we saw with corkscrew in 2009/10 or are the coasters the park has no too synonymous with the park to be removed?

Personally I’d like to see the coaster option go from strength to strength with longer coasters like The Smiler as what the park has to offer at the moment are very much blink and done compared to other options in Europe and wider.
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