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Mine on nemesis is the front but for the extra bit of force the back row, on rita its the front as you can see the brakes go down... the lights go up... then u can just see the launch in front of you..ahh.. amazing!..
Anyway ill let you guess on oblvion :P
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Front Row on Nemley. Back row on Air. Front on Rita (even though the lights are out of sync, all the time). Front row Oblivion. Back row on Spinball :?. Definitely the back row on The Beastie. Ooo and not forgetting, front row on The Corkscrew was actually really good!
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Nemesis - Back row, outside right seat.

Rita - Back row.

Oblivion - Back Row
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Front Row on Air, Nemmie, Rita, Oblivion
Back on Corkcscrew (well was :cry:)
Back row on Hex
Back on Beastie
Middle on Flume
Back on Duel
Back on RMT
Front Ripsaw
Back Blade
Nah Front on Spinball
Back on Heave Ho
Front sky Ride
Front River Bank
Front Submishion

Enough LOL!

On most coasters I just head for the back row/furthest row back available automatically.

It's only on Nemesis I have a preferred position really, not so much on the train, but I love sitting on the left hand side. I love going through the zero-G roll on the left hand side. :oops: :oops:
evil cod

[quote=""Kaycee""]On most coasters I just head for the back row/furthest row back available automatically.

It's only on Nemesis I have a preferred position really, not so much on the train, but I love sitting on the left hand side. I love going through the zero-G roll on the left hand side. :oops: :oops:[/quote]

Well I find the back right more intense on Nemesis so thats perfect lol
towers freak

On Air and Nemesis i always head for the back row as the forces are greater and the ride is more forceful on the body. But i also like the front on Air and Nemesis as i like to fully see where im going and on Nemesis i love the amount of air going into my eyes blinding me making it harder to keep my eyes open. On Rita i prefer the front as you can see the lights and nothing is in front so you feel like its just you on the ride. But i have learnt never to use the front on rita in heavy rain as it hurts like hell. So mostly i use the back row but sometimes if the queue is short i will use the front row.
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Air - Back Row
Oblivion - Front Row
Nemesis - Back Left Outside
Rita - Front (When I can be bothered to queue the extra ... or get lucky in SRQ)
Spinball - Not bothered ... I like both
RMT - Back Row
Corkie - Front
Duel - Back Far Side (The side without the piece sticking up so that I can shoot backwards as well)
Ripsaw - Front Row
Hex - Always back Row
Charlie - Back Row (The G-Force is immense at the back) :D
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Nemesis - Back right
Rita - Back (although never actually queued for front)
Oblivion - Front
Air - Back
Corkscrew - 2nd to back row (seemed surprisingly smooth compared to all other rows)
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I think I must be odd - I don't have a preferred row at all. I just like getting on the ride! If anything I prefer to try different positions that stick to one. Different ride every time and all that.
Big Dave

Nemesis: Back row, left hand seat or front row if no queue.
Air: Back row on the either end.
Oblivion: Front row at either end.
Rita: Back row or front if no queue.
RMT: Back carriage on the left to avoid being squashed.
The dearly departed Corkscrew: Back row
Spinball: Preferably not even ride it but if I do then to be honest it doesn't matter.
Hex: Some reason the left hand side.
Heave ho: Back row
Blade: Back row
Ripsaw: Front row, right hand side
UgSwinger: Outer seats
Submission: Front rows on either side.

Mine Train: Front
Nemesis: Front
Air: Back
Rita: Front

RE: Nemesis, it is more intense at the back. But the beauty of a ground hugging coaster like Nemesis (and the same goes for Black Mamba at Phantasialand), is that at the front, the visuals are unparalelled. An amazing experience!
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Nemesis - Front Row for the amazing views and also the feeling of the wind hitting your face. Back row for the more intense ride, on the far left is awesome
Rita - Front
Oblivion - Front although out of about 12 rides on it i've only been on the front row twice :? . Seeing as its a 50 50 chance of which row you are on I must just be really unlucky.
Air - Back
Mine Train - Back
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Nemmy - Front
Air - Front
Rita - Anywhere really, doesn't bother me!
Flume - Front section (You don't really get wet in the back section!)
RMT - Back
Oblivion - Front, I couldn't see down when I was in the back row and therefore it sorta ruined the experience :P

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Nemmy - Back row right seat

Oblivion - Back edge seat

Air - Back row

Rita - Front row

RMT - Back row

Flume - Dont mind.
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Nemmy - Back row

Oblivion - Back edge seat on the left

Air - Back row

Rita - Front row

RMT - Middle

Flume - no preference.

Corky - Back row
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For Nemesis, the back row on the seat furthest away from the gates is the most intense
Rita, its the front row, dont really mind which side
Air, for me, is rubbish wherever you sit
Oblivion, the front row on the side closest to the gate- both edge seats are great, much better then the middle
Ripsaw, front row centre, although you do get wetter at the back, so at the back on a hot summer's day
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