A planning application was submitted by the Resort in February 2022 to install two additional children’s flat rides in the Pirates’ Cove area of the theme park, alongside associated theming and landscaping. Seemingly named Bobbing Barrels and Trawler Trouble, the attractions are expected to be installed over the first few months of the season, with an anticipated opening in June 2022.

8th May 2022

Work continues on the two new Shipwreck Coast attractions with the foundations now complete. Queue line fencing, retaining walls and block paving are being installed ahead of the ride hardware being delivered on to the site. Seastorm has undergone its most extensive refurbishment to date, benefiting from lots of new parts supplied by the manufacturer Mack Rides.

2nd April 2022

Ahead of formal planning permission being granted on 4th April, preparatory work was already underway on-site. This included the reconfiguration of a planter, the installation of a concrete foundation for Trawler Trouble, and the excavation of the location of Bobbing Barrels. Seastorm has also received new queue line fencing, with the queue re-routed so that the ride’s entrance will now face into the refreshed area. The ride’s boats are staged within the construction site, ready to be reinstalled.

February 2022 – Plans

Codenamed Project Anchor, the development will see two children’s rides installed in the area between Blue Barnacle and Seastorm. The first of the rides, located on the west part of the site, will be a water barrels ride, which will have a ride operations booth themed as a 6 metres tall lighthouse. Documents refer to this attraction as a Watermania ride, suggesting this will utilise ride hardware from Zamperla of the same name. They also indicate that the ride will be named Bobbing Barrels. The second ride, located on the east part of the site, will be a rockin’ tug ride and the relocation of Timber Tug from Thorpe Park Resort. The ride’s operations booth will be themed with a variety of maritime-style props, and a wooden mast theming feature will also be added. It appears that the ride will be named Trawler Trouble.