In September 2019, Chessington submitted plans to install a new Egyptian themed drop tower ride to replace Rameses Revenge. The central theming feature will be a wide open-mouthed crocodile head, situated around the tower to make it appear that guests are plummeting into the crocodile’s open mouth. It is expected that the attraction will be called ‘Croc Drop’ following the submission of a UK trademark application by Merlin Attractions Operations Limited in July 2020.

19th December 2020

The large crocodile mouth that will surround the drop tower ride system is nearing completion, and features attractive rendered hieroglyphics and themed patterns. Riders will come close to the creature’s sharp green coloured teeth when traversing the tower. The ride system, from SBF Visa Group, is awaiting delivery on to the construction site and will shortly be installed. Thank you to Jamie Shoesmith for providing the photos.