Plans are in the pipeline for a new land at Chessington World of Adventures encompassing a rollercoaster and two children’s rides. Originally outlined in the Resort’s last long term development plan, a full planning application was submitted in August 2021, with a March 2023 opening being targeted. The shape from above created by the plaza’s planned landscaping has fuelled speculation that the area could be themed to Jumanji.

30th October 2021

Our first photo update shows the construction fences erected around the site of the new for 2023 area. Previously home to the Backyard Beach attraction located at the top of the site, a grassy picnic area in the middle, and a maintenance compound at the lower end of the area, these are in the early stages of demolition.

August 2021 – Plans

The full planning application was submitted by the Resort in August 2021, offering a more detailed insight into the proposals and generating speculation that the area could be themed around Jumanji. The development was largely as shown in the consultation, although changes of note include the relocation of one of the children’s rides to the north of the area, the layout of the plaza’s landscaping, and the rollercoaster’s station becoming fully enclosed. The plans confirmed the rollercoasting as being 380m in length, reaching a speed of 20 m/s (around 45mph), having a 1.4m minimum height restriction, carrying 24 guests in 6 cars, and having an approximate 1 minute ride period and a 1 minute turn around period (implying a throughput of around 720 riders per hour). It is unclear which of the four options featured in the consultation that one of the low-level flat rides will be, but one appears to be a Junior Miami type ride. In terms of theming, the main plaza area will be surfaced with pattern-impressed concrete, and a series of Amazon-themed stone carvings of varying dimensions will be installed around the site. The main theming element is said to be an animal-based rockwork structure in-keeping with the Resort’s offering.

May 2021 – Consultation

In May 2021, the Resort undertook a two week public consultation on the proposed new land, providing a first look at the prospective attractions. Concept images released, suggest it could be a Wing Coaster manufactured by Bolliger & Mabillard, based on the style of track shown and the inclusion of air gates on both sides of the open-air station. The description and layout plan suggested it would feature an initial backwards launch out of the station, before being further propelled through the main course up into a large spike element that loops around a rock ‘animal feature’. The exact children’s rides that would feature were yet to be confirmed, with two due to be chosen out of a Jump n Smile, Technical Park Bateaux Volants, Zierer Jet Skis, and a Technical Park Super Miami.